Lowell Teal - Author of the Bath Pond Series

"Lowell has done a remarkable job of capturing the spirit of central Florida's pioneers."

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Reader Comments
Read what others are saying about Fortunes Crossing . (Have you read this book? Your own comments would be most appreciated!)

Fortunes Crossing"Fortunes Crossing is an inspiring story of the good that can evolve when intrinsic worth and compassion converge. This second book in the Teal "Bath Pond" trilogy is a heartwarming, emotional story that will have readers looking forward to the third book yet to come."
RM - Windermere, FL

"Fortunes Crossing is [Lowell Teal's] best yet...each character seems to have a personal acquaintance with you. This story has meaning for practical application to life and living."
DLG - Tampa, FL

"Well [he] did it again. What an outstanding book! Fortunes Crossing is a very good book with lots of meaning about life and those things that are really important."
TB - Orlando, FL

"Fortunes Crossing is moving and inspiring!"
BT - Bay Hill, FL

"In Lowell Teal's Fortunes Crossing, Chet, Hank, Gus, Anne and Albert are real people brought to life in the engaging pages of this memorable story. It is so refreshing to read a novel that isn't dripping with sex and foul language."
GA - Deer Island, FL

"Fortunes Crossing brings the reader into contact with life's greatest values...it speaks to anyone and everyone. The difficult subjects, like facing death and the purpose of life, are addressed in flowing expressions. Lowell Teal, the story teller, makes his language into "little movies" that spread the picture on the minds of those who read it. One feels like he/she "knows" the characters, and they remind him/her of someone he/she knows. It is an enjoyable and emotional experience."
Allen H. Higginbotham

"I was born and raised in the fruit business. My wife grew up in a field house that the owner let her grandfather live in. He was one of the Alabama family that came to Florida in the 30's. The owner told her grandfather in the early 30's that he could not pay them any more to work. His response was they had no where to go and would just keep on working. They were rewarded by receiving a house to live in for the rest of their lives. Most people moving to Florida today have no idea what the early life style of the Florida Cracker was and you have presented a taste of the life of the Cracker. Thank you for a wonderful book about my home state."
Jimmie Mask